The Public Relations Association of Eswatini (PRAE) is the umbrella body of all Public Relations(PR) professionals, consultants, practitioners working in Private, Public including Corporate Institutions and Organisations in Eswatini. The Association, has newly been founded (2020), as a non-political and non-sectarian product of a registered company known as Africa AD Agency in the Kingdom of Eswatini.

PRAE aims to grow slowly and steadily into a professional body that will be celebrated in the Kingdom of Eswatini. It is a fully constituted professional body with a membership representing practitioners from different industries. We are concidering that the Patron of the Association be the current Minister of Information Technology & Communication on every governmental term if approved.

The Association will embrace local and foreign practitioners and participates in local, regional and international forums to enable its members, develop capacity and attain a competitive edge in the business world. The association’s major mandate is to develop the Public Relations (PR) Profession and Practice through various initiatives.

Becoming a member of PRAE guarantees one the following benefits amongst many others;

1. Corporate certificate: Upon subscription of annual membership, the corporate organization will
attain a corporate certificate in recognition of its commitment to renew membership.

2. Professional development: PRAEorganizes trainings, lectures, conferences meetings and tours for practitioners and organizations’ to enable them learn and share experiences and knowledge in the

3. Advocacy & Lobbying: PRAE actively foster public relations practice in all organizations through
public awareness and sensitization using its members to act as opinion leaders thereby building the reputation and profiles of its members.

4. Center of Excellence: PRAEacts as a clearing house by giving professional endorsement and/or
references to its members which will strengthen their credentials and favorably position them for
hiring purposes. Also ensure that members adhere to a high code of conduct that governs the

5. Legal status: PRAEaims at promoting the development of public relations through statutory
recognition and accreditation. PROs/Communicators will be able to receive certification from PRAE of their professional experience and expertise in the field of PR.

For more details, applications please email us on: or contact 76595341.


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