Designing and printing are a couple that encourages us to be creative and implement whatever we have in mind. Technology has given us different ways to put ideas into action. For example, you can design a different banner for indoor from outdoor; you should know the differences between indoor and outdoor printing to do this in the best way.

Digital printing is a child of technology that makes us capable to innovate and create various designs for transfer concepts. These concepts can be any messages about your brand or any personal data that you want to share with others.

Why do you need digital printing for advertisements and branding?

Digital printing is a tool for introducing products to people affordably and efficiently. So, all the small, medium and big businesses use it in their advertising and noticing plans.

With digital printing, you can implement all of your ideas in a short time. Timing is an important matter in the marketing process; sometimes you must print a banner and place it and have just a couple of days to do this. So, you can choose ready designs and patterns and print as many banners as you need in a short time at a reasonable price.

In digital marketing, ideas expire very soon and digital printing helps us to use them before their expiration date.

What are the differences between indoor and outdoor prints?

The main structure of indoor and outdoor printing is the same. The area of their placement makes difference between indoor and outdoor prints. For example, indoor places are close and usually don’t have airflow; so, if we use smelly materials for indoor prints, people will run away from our place!

Here are the most important differences between indoor and outdoor prints:

  • Indoor prints are usually made of weak materials like vinyl that are not durable. But outdoor prints are resistant to different air conditions.
  • The ink of indoor printers is odorless and can be used in close areas.
  • Indoor printers have higher printing quality than outdoors.
  • The outputs of indoor printers have different sizes and are made of different materials. So in interiors, we probably can print more diverse designs.
  • Coated paper is used for indoor printing and flex materials are used for outdoor printing.
  • For indoor printing, we can use various designs but in outdoor print designs, we are facing some limitations. For example, if you choose light colors for the letters, they won’t be visible on sunny days.
  • Outdoor prints are the first signs of your brand that people see. So, it can make their imagination about you. But indoor prints usually are used for branding and give extra information to people. The customers already knew you and your job when they look at indoor prints unless they didn’t care about outdoor and storefront banners, before.

Points about indoor printing

This type of printing is used for posters, indoor banners, advertising stands, etc. They are weak and elegant, rain, sharpness, humidity, or straight sun destroys them. But we can increase their resistance with laminate covers. The laminated cover makes indoor prints much more resistant but they are still not suitable for outdoor spaces because of their inks and materials.

Coated paper that is used for indoor printings has two light and heavy types. Light papers are under 140g and heavy ones weigh more than 140g. Heavy papers are more resistant and used for commercial applications like banners.

Other materials are used for indoor printing:

  • Transparent labels can be attached to different surfaces like glass. They are colorful signs and letters on a transparent background.
  • Photo glass printing is used for posters and printing photographs. This type covers with gelatin. This feature increases the quality of printing on this type of paper.
  • Indoor design can also be printed on fabrics. This new technology of digital prints helps you to innovate banners, signs, and advertising elements.
  • Materials and printers are the main differences between indoor and outdoor prints.

Points about outdoor printing

This type of printer uses smelly ink that is harmful to the lungs; so, their outputs are not suitable for the interiors. Outdoor prints are good for storefronts, outdoor banners, billboards, and some kind of advertisements like bus advertising.

The ink used in this type of printing must be tough to withstand moisture and different air conditions; these kinds of substances are harmful to the human respiratory system and it’s one of the differences between indoor and outdoor prints.

Outdoor prints have different types that are named below:

  • Vinyl is a common material between indoor and outdoor printing. For outdoor places, we should use some persistent covers to protect the banner or board from different conditions like sunny and hot days or rainy days. So, laminating vinyl prints makes them more resistant.
  • Flexy is a common material for outdoor prints.
  • Solite is another substance that is similar to Vinyl. The difference between them is the quality of printing that is higher in solite banners than vinyl.
  • Mesh printing is an exclusive type of outdoor printing that is printed on a mesh surface with tiny holes. They are used for windows and glasses because light can pass through them and the area wouldn’t get dark.

Complete your marketing plan by merging indoor and outdoor prints

The differences between indoor and outdoor banners and boards do not limit to substances and printer devices. Differences between indoor and outdoor prints were one point that we talked about in this article.

Other differences are related to designing and copywriting. A creative design with stimulator massage impresses people and if it is matched with a professional marketing plan, conquers the hearts of customers. Mac Donald is a successful example in using differences between indoor and outdoor prints and advertises in a way that all people like to see.


Knowing the differences between indoor and outdoor print and banners is good but isn’t enough. Digital printing is a tool for marketing that shows you to people. These products can be spread out everywhere, from your store to potential clients’ yards. The printing advertisement and branding elements will only work if they are designed professionally and have suitable materials.

Africa AD Agency is a company that also works on printing advertisements and storefronts. Our team is made of experts in designing, printing, and ideating. Africa AD Agency uses the progressed printer and relates machines to get outputs in the highest quality that is possible. This combination of experts and devices make us capable to offer professional designs for different situation. So if you need help, feel free to talk to us and we will make it happen, we can work with you anywhere in Africa #WeMakeItHappen.

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