‘What are Promotional Staff?’ – We get asked this question day in day out, when we are in a conversation with someone about running a Staffing Agency and what we do. Putting it simply, Promotional Staff are employed by a business to promote their services or brand.

So what are Promotional Staff?

Promotional Staff are brand representatives that are hired to promote a product, service, business or company. Mostly hired by event management companies, shopping centres and companies choosing to promote themselves.

Where do you see Promotional Staff?

You have probably seen thousands of them, they are everywhere! From busy streets, trade shows, corporate events, VIP events, functions, shopping centres, music festivals and sporting events. They are usually geared up in the brands apparel to increase the brands recognition so they look like the staff of the brand they are promoting.

What do Promotional Staff do?

Promotional Staff does not just mean staff  standing there handing out fliers – Our Promotional Staff conduct the following:

Product launches, product samples, flyer distribution, data capturing, lead collection and more. Our Promotional staff can cover you for Brand Activations and Experiential Marketing.


The business we are offering is not only to the market but also to the young people, to the society, to the balance of the demand and supply between job and labour force. Together with SEM Cares Foundation we are providing great staffing solution to all the business owners by indirectly managing the staff for them so they will never have to worry about hiring too many personnel employees for the slow business season and lacking of staff on the peak season. Combining the total amount one company has to pay for one employee besides the basic salary, you will see how much you have cut down in the managing cost for the company if you hire extra staff from us instead of directly employ one personnel employee.

SEM Promotional Group

Benefits of Hiring Promotional Staff for Your Events

Brand Awareness and Knowledge

When you’re at an event such as an exhibition, it’s always a good idea to have promotional staff on the days. Customers are very intelligent and they can quickly understand the advantages of some services over others, but they will still require promotional staff to help inform them before they decide to buy. They also require knowing how your services work and their benefits, helping to explain what your business stands for and why you have these services or products on offer.

Enhanced Experience

Having a strong relationship with customers begins with the initial contact that customers have with you. A personal relationship with businesses is typically needed before customers can form an opinion about you and your brand. By hiring friendly and professional promotional staff, customers’ first personal contact with your business will be a positive one. They will leave with knowledge about your services and products and happy about having a friendly face answering all of their questions.

Cost Effective Solution

Extending your brand’s reach within your customers can be a struggle, as reaching untouched markets requires you to coordinate your marketing efforts. With promotional staff, you can send friendly faces to any region of the country where you’re holding your events. This helps to reduce costs and ensure you can focus on other vital aspects of your marketing campaign. Hiring from a trusted and reliable agency, such as Africa AD Agency, will give you peace of mind. You’ll have a guaranteed high-quality service for any event you’re attending and also contributing towards a good course.

Increase in Sales

Increasing the level of interaction between your customers and your products and services will ensure that your sales go up. Promotional staff improves the level of distribution of samples and promotional material that enhances your brand’s awareness and authority. This can lead to off-site sales, as customers can leave the event and research your business and where they can purchase your products and services.

We know how important it is to you to have professional promotional staff that you can rely on for your events, which is why we guarantee you the best possible service through hiring with us. Get in touch with our team if you want to know more about how we can help you.

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