“Can social media marketing really help my business?” if you’ve heard or asked that question before you’ve probably wanted to know if social media marketing is worth it. Our digital marketing agency deals with all kinds of questions regarding this topic such as “which social media marketing is best?” and our favourite: ”social media marketing or digital marketing?”. Thankfully, this blog has all the answers to these questions and more, with some great examples!

Social Media Marketing or Digital Marketing?

Like a pair of twins, these 2 different marketing components can sometimes look identical. The difference between digital marketing and social media marketing mainly comes down to platform.

Social media marketing is actually a component of digital marketing (if that wasn’t already obvious) it just happens to be one of the largest pieces, next to search engine marketing. Digital marketing isn’t a new concept, if you wanted to get technical TV, radio, and even electronic billboards could be considered ‘digital’ marketing. Our marketing agency believes in this ‘non-line’ approach to digital marketing because it’s easy to get stuck only focusing on the internet. Think about it, even something as simple as a fast-food menu has gone digital!

Digital marketing is really about utilizing a mix of different channels to achieve any of the following goals:

  • Adding value via inbound marketing that will cause customers to seek your assistance
  • Developing relationships with your audience
  • Promoting your product, service, and brand
  • Building awareness
  • Growing sales
  • Increasing profits
  • Etc.

Social media marketing can act as a boost for any of these goals, but most notably social media marketing is best for developing relationships with your audience. Posting on your social channels is great, it’s even better when you can utilize social media to start a conversation with your customers. When it comes down to customizing your digital marketing strategy, the level of customer access social media marketing can get you compared to other digital avenues is worth considering.

“It’s really important that companies have the right organizational structure to support social media,” Laurence Lukhele.

Which Social Media is Best?

The answer ultimately depends on your business model. Some companies find success focusing solely on Facebook, whereas others may notice that their posts do the best on LinkedIn. Our clients are varied and we track social media performance on each platform to determine which social media channel is best to advertise on.

Think of your social media platforms as different online windows into your business. If you post content that nobody cares about, then it isn’t eye-catching enough to get people to want to look inside. Your main goal is to get as much authoritative, creative, or original information as possible on display in the hopes that it gets shared.

Otherwise, you could just continue to hope that one day something you post goes viral. After all, that was what social media was known for in the early stages. Our social media consultants wish you luck on your social media marketing journey. Who knows, maybe your post will be the next viral topic of the week! Or maybe, you can hire us to help you reach your target audience.

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