Although it’s considered a “newer” form of marketing, content marketing has undergone several transformations by now. Once thought by some to be a glorified form of blogging, content marketing has proven to be much more.

But these endless metamorphoses tell us that content marketing isn’t going to be, well, content resting on its laurels. It’s going to continue changing, driven by shifts in the market and in consumer preferences, meaning these early changes were just harbingers of what’s to come.

What should we bet on? Today’s trends give us a few clues.

Content Marketing Trends That Are Here to Stay

COVID-19 has shaken everything up — sometimes for the better. Here’s what’s been shifting in the content marketing world and will likely become permanent:

  1. Search and amplification will dictate strategy more.
  2. Prepare for quick content pivots
  3. Build up influence, then share it with others who have influence.
  4. Stay away from alienating audiences.
  5. Authenticity and vulnerability are key to engaging others.

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