This past year has certainly given social media marketers plenty to chew on as they set strategy and allocate budget for 2022.

Snapchat emerged as a major player in social media marketing, growing revenue 57% YoY, achieving its first billion-dollar quarter, and increasing daily active users to over 300 million.

Meta emerged as the platform formerly known as Facebook against a backdrop of damning whistleblower testimony and renewed calls for its regulation.

The iOS14 update proved to be a lucrative move for Apple’s advertising business – and a bomb for just about everyone else.

Twitter killed off Fleets, launched a suite of premium features, and added a new monetization option called Super Follow, among other updates.

What a year! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We asked international social media experts to share their best predictions as to what all of it means and where marketers should focus your attention for 2022.

Here’s what they had to say.In 2022, social media marketers will finally embrace the fact that YouTube is a social medium, too!

As they struggle with the fact that the average reach for an organic Facebook post is 5.2% and the average engagement rate is 0.25%, they will look for alternative platforms.

One of these alternatives will be TikTok, which has just reached 1 billion active monthly users worldwide, which is as many as Instagram has had for several years.

And the other will be YouTube, which has more than 2 billion active monthly users.

They will re-discover that YouTube is a video-sharing site – which is one of the original categories of social media along with photo-sharing sites, social networks, blogs, and microblogs.

Heck, Facebook pivoted to a “video first strategy” in 2014 and Instagram declared it is “no longer just a square photo-sharing app” in 2021 so it could focus on video.

And if TikTok isn’t a video sharing site, then what is it?

So, why is YouTube treated like the red-headed stepchild by so many social media marketers?

This limits their ability to reach and engage potential customers.

Oh, and it’s the only one with a major presence on connected TVs (CTVs). (eMarketer estimates that YouTube had 113.1 million US viewers in 2020 and that will increase to 130.8 million in 2022.)

So, social media marketers will want to give YouTube a seat at the big table in 2022.

P.S. The eMarketer estimates that I mention below are just for viewers on CTVs. YouTube has more viewers than that, when you add in mobile and desktop devices.

Advancements in and the increased accessibility of AI, higher-quality data, increased digital ad spend (an estimated increase of 12.7% in 2021 and as much as 49% increase in some areas), and a looming cookie-less world are driving personalization and segmentation as we look to 2022.

Many brands will be spreading their budget out across multiple platforms, using a number of smaller influencers to find the right medium and message for each micro-segment.

It also means brands are beginning to move away from traditional personas. You know the ones – they have a name and image, along with some demographic and geographic data. And you test based on the stereotypical assumptions you make about that data.

In 2022, however, brands will go beyond basic details like marital status, music, and movie preferences to far more granular and usable formats.

Professionals like designers, UX/UI professionals, and content creators are already beginning to create and adopt task-specific user personas.

Designers, for example, include information such as:

  • Images of interfaces a particular target audience uses frequently
  • Color palettes they seem to prefer
  • Ad examples they click on most often
  • Site types targets use for work-related tasks compared to entertainment-related tasks

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