What do you think about when you hear the terms “graphic design” and “public relations”? Do you think of the two as teammates or are they on two different playing fields?

As the Creative Director for Africa AD Agency, it is my job to use my background in graphic design to help build, rebuild or maintain the state of the relationship between our clients and their presence in the public.

Graphic design is the art of communication and problem solving through imagery, and public relations creates and preserves relationships between brands and the public. Combine the two and you have the opportunity to create relationships with imagery.

Using art to communicate effectively? How cool is that!

Africa AD Agency uses graphic design to execute effective public relations strategies, and I’d like to put our experience to work and tell you the top 3 reasons why graphic design and public relations go hand in hand!

1. Using graphic design to create an identity helps build brand awareness

When it comes to creating logos and a brand’s identity, you want to create successful designs that act as the accessory to the company. Brand identity needs to be viewed as the earrings of a great outfit that enhance the beauty of an already great company and not something that is so overbearing you are distracted by the design.

Building brand awareness includes creating all identity designs for the client. Some examples of identity designs are the company logo, business card and letterhead. It is up to Africa AD Agency to then use those designs to promote the client company in ways that are appealing to potential customers.

2. Designing for social media

Once the brand has been established with identity designs and the foundation of the brand’s presence with the public has been built, graphic design is used to create content to maintain that foundation For example, if the brand has social media accounts, then it is up to the graphic designers to create content on those social media accounts. It is important to note that the content on social media needs to be top-notch, engaging and serve more of a purpose than just communicating information. Using imagery, typography and a visual hierarchy, graphic designers create designs that are memorable and communicate information in an appealing way.

Successful relationships are built on strong foundations. Foundations are created with intriguing designs that accurately portray the purpose of a brand; thus, the designs continually support the brand in the eye of the public.

3. Creating Designs for Events

Beyond creating identity designs and content for social media, graphic designers at PR firms are also responsible for creating designs for events put on by client companies.

One instance of this is if a client’s store is being remodelled and Africa AD Agency is planning a re-opening event, it would be up to the graphic design team to create flyers, banners, t-shirts and other promotional materials for the event. Much like creating brand identity, the designs created for events are to accessorize what the event is about. You want to ensure the designs are inviting and will attract as many customers to the event as possible!

Successful public relations strategies would not be as effective without the use of graphic design. Problem-solving with imagery keeps content interesting, and I’m sure we can all agree when we just see words on a page or a screen we are less likely to pay attention to what is being conveyed!

This is why as Africa AD Agency would like to also provide in-house training and at times workshops to train the Marketing & Public Relations team in order to balance up all this including cutting costs (Quote can be requested). We also have an online training system developed for those who will be happy to do the training online which only cost R3500.00. 

Why book us?

  • 100% Guaranteed Graphics and Content Designing skill
  • Access to design templates and software
  • On-hand Training experience
  • Mock sessions for creating designs
  • Personal guidance
  • Feedback on created designs and content
  • 2 hours of a free follow-up session
  • Recordings of the workshop

We are always excited to travel which gives up that extra boost to think out of the box. It also helo us out to study our prospects for us to be in a good position to tailour our services. If you are excited just like we are, we can always discuss the best way we can work around any posibility. Contact us today, email: info@africaadagency.com we are also on Whatsapp: +27 66 568 8595 or +268 7659 5341.

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