500 Vinyl Wristbands L-Shape




Vinyl Wristbands L-Shape

Vinyl Wristbands L-shape is an excellent option for any event for up to 5 days. These wristbands are a great option for concerts, exhibitions, festivals branding for marketing and any event that requires a high level of access and controlled security.

Wristbands on Offer

We offer wristbands in a variety of  material

  • Tyvek Wristbands,
  • Hologram Bands
  • Fabric Wristband
  • Event Tokens

Some clients called Event-tags, Event Security Tags. Sometimes, Tyvek bands is called paper wristband. You can Email: info@africaadagency.com for a specific quote.

Branding Vinyl Wristbands

Wristbandshop us a Pantone colour matching system to communicate with our client in terms of colour to be printed on the wristbands.

Our  Wristbands are water, Tear-resistant and Stretch-resistant.

Requirements Logos or Text :

  • PDF (high resolution larger than 1MB)
  • JPEG larger than 2dpi –high resolution larger than 1MB
  • EPS 
  • AI
  • CorelDraw

NB: All fonts must be converted to curves or outlines created or but recommended fonts must be sent to us.


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