Nearly every business analysis is about how businesses that seem to have stood the test of time are now suffering as a result of millennials; a generation that manages to be bad customers, disrespectful, soft and have the same kind of power that can end the profit streak of a 50+ year-old company.

It is no secret that millennials constantly have their faces behind some sort of screen and their reliance on the internet is worrying to baby boomers and often criticised by them. This medium, even though limited at times is perfect for a generation that requires you to be able to receive up to the minute updates, videos and stories as they unfold. A simple misunderstanding can affect the share price of a company as Nike saw happen when it was revealed that they were suspected of using child labour to make their products and a good reputation can help a company become a world favourite in a short time like Rihanna’s Fenty beauty as proven.

What she did right was that she looked at the areas that customers had complaints about and used those to start the business. All she has to do now is insure that she keeps listening to her clients and her involvement in social media insures this. Many companies fail to listen and even if they do listen they fail to respond to the concerns and desires of the customer constructively which then cripples the kind of experience your customer can have with your business. It doesn’t sound very bad but a lot of businesses rely on repeat business, customer referrals and word of mouth marketing.

Social media helps your business position itself in a place where it is seen by both the potential client and already existing clients. It just so happens that many business owners don’t take it as seriously as they should and neglect this particular means of communicating with their clients. The internet is always growing its influence in the lives of the current generation of spenders. They rely on the internet to tell them where the company is located, what kind of service to expect and how they are rated compared to other companies that offer the same service. At Africa AD Agency we help you connect with them. We insure that your company becomes easier to find online, it has the necessary tools to help the clients and the company communicate better and we insure that your visibility as a business isn’t constantly overshadowed by your competitor. A social media package isn’t simply limited to Facebook and Twitter, there are other media that can help you boost your online presence.

We will help you create the kind of space where you don’t need to wait to talk to your clients. You can send them news of new occurrences via mailing lists they choose to be a part of. You can even invite them to forums where you can teach them about other parts of the business and exchange ideas on how to use your products, how to get the best deals and maybe even how to potentially improve the kind of service you can offer them. There are other ways you can monitor client engagement like setting up alerts, using blog searches and then proceeding to act on whatever it is you find online.

Your customers are having a lot to say to you and if you don’t listen in time you may lose them all. Africa AD Agency can either help you handle this issue or can help your competition rope in your clients because you are unwilling to listen because to someone who is paying or your service you’re not listening is about the same as telling them that they are wrong when it is always the customer who is right.


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