It’s a new year. Customers are coming to grips with the fact that they just survived another year of poor communication and misleading plans with certain companies. Sure they missed out on a few products and product launches that came with countless benefits but it doesn’t matter because it is a new year and you have a marketing and communication strategy that will insure it doesn’t happen again this year…. or do you?

Have you had any contact with your clients since the year started and what improvements do they think you should implement to better satisfy their needs? How are you going to save money but get the best possible reach to your clients? Why not hire Africa AD Agency to do that for you? Why not let a trained team of young professionals do it for you? Sure you are currently stuck on the word young but who better to teach you how to reach your younger more contemporary audience. Half the time the older generation complains that the millennials are killing traditional media in their disinterest and love for their phones, but that is because they have found a way to compress their world into their phones. All they need now is a phone and they can find out which company can help them in the click of a button. They can now find news and learn to do anything from fly a plane to making a stew with the click of a button.

Africa AD Agency is that company that has done an immense amount of research on the buying patterns and needs of the youth so we know how to help you reach them. We know what kind of words and prompts they respond to and we know just how to get them to respond to what you have to offer. Send the right brand message to the right target audience. It may seem easy as pie but if you make one misstep you risk the chance of misrepresenting your brand and not being able to successfully communicate your value to them. If you cannot brand yourself well, someone else might and they run a better chance of attracting customers who would have been a shoe-in for you.

It may seem like a good idea to use a one size fits all advertisement strategy year in and out but remember that the people you are trying to entice into purchasing your goods or services now have less of an attention span and less time to listen to your pitch. It may be hard to get them to listen but you have to try. And your communications team has to find the right media channel to send this message you want to get across; just don’t make the mistake of sending it in the wrong way. Sure you are used to using the radio and the print newspaper but can you honestly say that people under the age of 25 buy the paper for their own consumption. Africa AD Agency has a great social media following, an online newspaper and we can help your company not only raise your numbers on social media but also learn you how to use social media platforms to advertise, reach a larger audience that does not follow you and to help you use social media to improve your services.

So the year just started and even though you have offered the same services for the past few years it is still imperative that you remind people of what you offer as the right month approaches. We will help you come up with a timetable of what you will post and when you should post it to reach maximum information dispersion. It may seem like something you can do yourself and for most people with the right qualifications sure, it’s possible. But why not hire a company that is trained to do it for you at half the price for the whole year? #WeMakeItHappen Contact us today on +26835021382 or Email:

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