Allow us to first introduce Africa AD Agency, Africa AD Agency assists clients in determining the best way to reach their target audience, select the ideal marketing mix & develop effective campaigns. The agency thrives on ensuring a responsive & lasting experience for its clients and stakeholders through seamless integration of physical and digital engagement materials. We offer patron relation services backed by versatile & experienced expertise in marketing strategy research, design, and implementation. Our approach to creative media services is based on proven principles & strategies that are driven by the agency’s commitment to the direct response discipline of control-based testing & direct channel development.

“Businesses that are not agile and those that are not operating on a modern technology platform are quickly becoming obsolete. The new business landscape requires skills in cloud computing, user experience data science, connectivity, and a vast amount of other technical capabilities.”

Mr. Laurence Lukhele started designing in 2010 and now the Creative Director at Africa AD Agency and has trained +50 delegates in Eswatini (Swaziland), South Africa & Zimbabwe. This is why we also decided to officially provide non-accredited skills programs designed to introduce delegates to Graphic Design using Photoshop & Illustrator and to equip them with fundamental knowledge and skills to get started and succeed in this field. If you are interested to know more, please email We travel within the SADC region, our quote may exclude transport and accommodation, however, we are also flexible to do the training virtually and help with the relevant softwares.