WhatsApp has added a new feature that helps the users to put in a review request for reporting a user directly from the app. The feature also gives an option to add a small description of the incident that happened before reporting the ban.

Africa AD Agency has since confirmed that anyone can be banned from using WhatsApp because of several reasons. For instances where the users are being reported because of spam, the report review can be requested about the situation. Then WhatsApp Support is going to have a look at the users’ account activity to verify if something wrong really happened or not. No other information has been released about this feature coming to the popular messaging platform. But the makers have been working on other upgrades for their platform.

As digital experts, we have tested this feature and can advise all business owners to switch to Business WhatsApp.To avoid being banned from WhatsApp since this can make you lose your client’s confidence and you can also lose your previous chat history if you don’t back up your files.

More about WhatsApp

Brand new features like the waveform animation for recording a voice note are currently being tested under the Beta version. Users will also be able to pause the message and listen to the audio before sending it to their contact. All of these changes were brought in with a recent update for their WhatsApp Web app.

This update also brought a feature to use the messaging platform without having a phone connected to the internet. This needed to be solved because using WhatsApp on the web could not be accessed without having a phone with a stable internet connection.

Be on the lookout and know that we are already preparing for 2022 which is why you need to align your brand with an agency that is up to date and on the lookout.

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